Soap Label Template - Wrap Around - Multi Background - 10"x2"

Soap Label Template - Wrap Around - Multi Background - 10"x2"

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Multi Background is when you want to test your limits, when you want to experiment with different coloured cardstock and show your soaps in a new light. A stunning set of 3 customisable banners for your soap bars!

Soap label wrap around banners are fantastic packaging brand elements that convey a brand's voice and personality - in one convenient glance!

Having these options in a few different colours and styles make it easy to showcase several important assets of a visual brand and are helpful to look at to make sure what you're designing is in line with your brand identity. You've done the work making and cutting and curing the soap; now marketing, packaging and sending it to new homes is the next step!

I created these templates to be fully customisable for your brand and they are set up so you can easily edit them for free in Canva. No pro account needed!

  • 3 different wrap around banner designs
  • Standard Use Licence
  • Instructions & Video Tutorial (to come)
  • A FREE Canva account
  • Basic editing skills
  • Creativity & inspiration

Immediately after you've placed your order, you'll receive an email with a link to access your digital downloads!

This link will open my instructions PDF that gives you everything you'll need to get started! You can easily customise them to add your logos, colours, photos, fonts, patterns, and more!