Milled Coconut

Milled Coconut

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The advantages of milling a soap allows a soap maker to embed scent, hardness and lather into a soap to give it superior qualities. The Milled Coconut is that.

With extra coconut oil for richness, this soap has wonderful conditioning properties while being creamy. A fabulous body, hand or face bar, the Milled Coconut takes on a rustic and hardy appearance, much like its maker!

  • Bar Hardness: High (49)
  • Cleansing properties: High (24)
  • Conditioning properties: Very High (84)
  • Bubbly: Medium (24)
  • Creamy: Very High (35)

Ingredients: Lard, Coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), rainwater, red liquid dye (carmine), bergamot and cedarwood essential oil

**Note: the red is pink red, not hot pink as the picture

Weight: Approx 120g