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Made to represent the firey bushfire of an Australian summer, this one is a keeper. With a mixture of activated charcoal and red bentonite clay, this bar is made using the traditional Homestead batter (non vegan version). The bar is hardy so will have longevity, but also has gentle conditioning properties that will leave your hands (or body!) feeling soft and clean.

  • Bar Hardness: Very high (40)
  • Cleansing properties: Low (15)
  • Conditioning properties: Medium (53)
  • Bubbly: Medium(20)
  • Creamy: Medium (30)

Ingredients: Lard, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), rainwater, activated charcoal, red bentonite clay, pine scotch and bergamot essential oils

Weight: Approx 100-120g

**Note this soap is available in two sizes and price points.