Youtube video: How I made the Purple Linen Swirl soap using the heat transfer method

Welcome to Homestead Soapery! In this video we test and show the heat transfer method for cold process soap. Popularised by notable soap makers on YouTube, I decided to give it a go to see if it could help me save some waiting time. And it worked fantastically! The heat transfer method is popular due to its ability to speed up the process of cold process soap making. Normally, the lye water solution must be cooled to room temperature to ensure that the saponification process occurs as needed. While this is useful for batters that use all soft oils, the heat transfer method works well for batters where hard and soft oils are required, as the heat acceleration that the lye water solution creates is used to melt the hard oils in preparation for the rest of the soap making process.

Purple Linen Swirl is a vegan soap and will be available for sale in late April. To see more of our locally made soaps, go to, and follow us on social media.

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Tools used in this video:


* Pyrex glass measuring jugs -

* Cuisineart Smart Stick 2 speed hand blender -

* Long Spout pouring jug -


* Sony A7III -

* Sony Full Frame E-Mount FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens -

* Manfrotto Tripod (about 10 years old)

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